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Nov 25, 2019

No one is you. And that is your superpower.”— Anonymous

High performers know and embrace their strengths. They use their strengths to make a difference in the world and work from their strengths. They are self-aware of their kryptonite so they understand themselves and what takes them off their best.

Power Phrase this Week: I embrace my superpowers to be at my best more often and make a difference in the world.”

Nov 23, 2019

People who are committed to a purpose usually view stress as a challenge rather than a threat and aren’t impacted by it in a negative way.— Steve Gilliland

High performers see stressful situations as a challenge they can overcome instead of a threat to their performance or confidence. This improves their health and their performance. They talk to themselves powerful when experiencing stress – reminding themselves they can handle anything.


Power Phrase this Week: I see stress as a challenge I can overcome. I can handle anything that comes my way.”

Nov 19, 2019

Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D. is a cutting-edge leadership consultant, author, trainer, and researcher. He helps improve organizations, leaders, teams, and employees by improving their mindsets. Ryan holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Indiana University and is a leadership and management professor at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at California State University-Fullerton (CSUF). He is a well-published leadership, management, and organizational behavior researcher in several industry leading journals: Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Business Horizons, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and Journal of Leadership Studies. Ryan has consulted for dozens of organizations across a variety of industries including banking, healthcare, education, and energy.

In this podcast, Ryan and Cindra talk about:

  • Ryan’s new book “Success Mindsets” (available
  • What leaders need to do to be successful
  • The 4 types of mindsets
  • The 4 desires that lead to negative mindsets
  • 4 ways to change your mindsets

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Nov 16, 2019

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Tony Robbins

 High performers ask themselves powerful questions to shape the way they experience the world and help them generate momentum and energy. They ask themselves 3 types of powerful questions: “Growing through,” “Daily Gift” and “Gratitude Questions” to create their best life.

Power Phrase this Week: I ask myself powerful questions each day to create the life I want.”

Nov 8, 2019

Lynn is a behavioral coach, team development consultant and owner of Core Growth Consulting. Lynn spent five years as the Director of Growth & Development with Northwestern Mutual in New York City. Following a burning desire to help others realize their true greatness, Lynn founded Core Growth Consulting in 2005, which allowed her to focus on helping individuals and teams thrive.

Lynn’s passion is helping people build emotional intelligence through self-awareness. Lynn is a certified Harrison Assessment consultant and certified Martha Beck Coach. Lynn gets to live out her dream of running a family business with her husband and business partner, Craig. They are raising their two sons: Reid (7) & Ty (5) and now call Orange County, CA home.

In this podcast, Lynn and Cindra talk about:

  • The ah-ha moment Cindra had at Lynn’s presentation
  • The triad to change how you feel
  • How to should change your old stories
  • 5 Blocks to emotional intelligence
  • The 3 Mandates of Leadership she learned at a Tony Robbins leadership course

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Oct 30, 2019

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” Deepak Chopra


High performers solve their problems like puzzles. This perspective keeps them creative, energized, and calm. They are more likely to reach their goals when they can experience adversity head on instead of advoiding it.


Phrase this Week: I solve my problems like puzzles. Nothing is too hard or impossible for me because I tackle difficulties with gratitude.”

Oct 28, 2019

Debbie Peterson is President, Business Keynote Speaker and Career Mindset Strategist at Getting to Clarity. She has successfully worked with professionals at various stages of their career in corporations, associations, and charitable organizations to accelerate professional success.

As a professional speaker, she helps audiences to develop an elevated mindset for accelerated results in their career. Debbie has 25+ years in Corporate with experience in Administration, Project Management, and Investor Relations. She is a certified Trainer of NLP at the Master Practitioner level and has spent over nine years studying, designing and delivering keynotes, workshops, and corporate trainings using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) as a foundation.

Debbie is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Women’s Speakers Association, and an author with her book, Clarity: The Smart Professionals Guide to Creating Success on Your Terms, just released.

On a personal note, Debbie boycotts winter and chases sunshine from Pennsylvania to Florida each year with her husband, Tom.

In this podcast, Debbie and Cindra talk about:

  • What happens when you don’t have clarity
  • How mistakes serve you to get to the next level
  • How to do more of what you were meant to do
  • How responsibility allows you to take reasons into results
  • The 3 Cs to change your focus

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Oct 22, 2019

“I don’t know where the limits are, but I would like to go there.” Eliud Kipchoge


High performers believe their potential is unlimited. They recognize their limiting beliefs and condition themselves to move their vision to new heights. They level up their beliefs to change their future and experience.


Power Phrase this Week: I choose empowering beliefs so that I can reach my potential. If I think it, I can do it.”


Oct 9, 2019

“Just keep in mind: the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” Epictetus

High performers detach themselves from the outcome. They dominate their process or their how each day and week, and TRUST the outcome will take care of itself.


Power Phrase this Week: I attack the process it takes for me to reach my highest potential. I let go of the outcome or result and keep my focused on my how each day.”

Oct 6, 2019

Jeff Locke is a professional football player who was drafted in the 5th Round of the NFL Draft in 2013. Jeff spent 4 years as the starting punter for the Minnesota Vikings and continued his career with the Colts, Lions, and 49ers over the next 2 seasons. He most recently played for the Arizona Hotshots of the AAF. He earned his degree in Economics from UCLA and was a 4-year starter on the football team.

While in the NFL, Jeff enjoyed spending some of his time as a mentor and advocate with ACES, a program that provides sports-based curriculum to improve math skills and social-emotional learning for low-income students. He has also developed and presented financial literacy presentations to the rookie groups of each NFL team he has been a member of. He has a passion for financial education and plans to dedicate a part of his post-football career to helping others improve their financial well-being.

In his downtime, Jeff loves spending time with his girlfriend, golfing, and riding his bike. He enjoys reading across multiple disciplines, such as history and psychology. An Arizona native, he now resides in Santa Monica, California. 

In this podcast, Jeff and Cindra talk about:

  • How mindset is what separates the best
  • 2 practices of the World’s Best
  • 5 ways the mental game helped his game
  • Why mastering the process over outcome is essential
  • Why he still mediates every day

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Oct 3, 2019

High performers are intentional with their self-talk. They think “I can…” to reach their potential. They are honest with themselves and when they think “I can’t…”, they ask themselves if they are willing to do the work to change it to “I can….”. This is important because when we are think “I can’t…” we really mean “I won’t.”


Power Phrase this Week: I believe that I can! I change my can’t into cans to help me reach my big plans.”

Sep 28, 2019

Dolly Parton – “Figure out how you are, then do it on purpose.”


High performers do themselves on purpose. They spend time thinking and reflecting on what they love to do, what they would miss dinner for, and what their legacy will be. They understand what is important to them.


Power Phrase this Week: I figure out who I am and do it on purpose. I do what I love, which keeps me fueled and excited about my life.”

Sep 24, 2019

Robin Sharma - "Your excuses are just the lies your fears have sold you."


Power Phrase for this week: “I take 100% responsibility for my life. I give up excuses and take action instead.”

Sep 23, 2019

Hannah Huesman, M.S., is a Mental Skills Coach with the Philadelphia Phillies. She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Before joining the Phillies, she was a Mental Performance Coach with Sport Strata, a New York based firm focuses on teaching skills and techniques proven to increase characteristics of peak mental performance.

Hannah received her Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Learning from the University of Tennessee, and played Division I softball and basketball at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has a series on Instagram and LinkedIn called “Mental Sweat Mondays.”

 In this podcast, Hannah and Cindra talk about:

  • How she developed her own confidence
  • What’s it is like working in professional baseball as a female
  • Why confidence is up to you
  • How mental skills need to be practiced proactively not reactively
  • What it means to focus on the right thing at the right time
  • And how self-awareness is “the” foundational skill

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Sep 14, 2019

Erin was born and raised in southern Georgia. She grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Irish music…a whole lot of Irish music. Her mom introduced her to country music.  She would play Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn in the car.  As a little girl, Erin would try to get my voice as deep as I could to match theirs.


She’s been performing for as long as she could remember. When she was 19, her cousin Jacob Underwood (from MTV’s making the band, OTown) brought her to Nashville to start my dream. She recorded my first EP in the Rascal Flatts private studio.


Since then I’ve been writing daily and recording more songs along the way- including “Tomahawk Love” and her latest single is called “Any Other Heart.” When she first started a reporter said she would be as popular as Taylor Swift one day. This motivates her to keep pounding away and working hard. Erin has finally found her genuine, unique sound and she believes there is no better feeling than sharing that with people.

 In this podcast, Erin and Cindra talk about:

  • Why we need to go through the lows
  • A powerful question you can ask yourself to be grateful for right now
  • The best way to respond to adversity
  • Why it’s important to actively receive
  • How we can each practice magic

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Sep 12, 2019

Willie Nelson – “We create our own unhappiness. The purpose of suffering is to help us understand we are the ones who cause it.”


High performers work to overcome the negativity bias. They intentionally choose to see the positive and talk to themselves positivity about their experiences. They take a gentle and curious approach with themselves.


Power Phrase this Week: I intentionally choose to see positive in each situation this week. I will work my mindset!”

Sep 6, 2019

If it’s on stage, at a podium, or in front of a camera, Bill Cakmis is hired to create it, develop it, enhance it, or fix it.  For over 30 years, Bill has coached singers, actors, anchors, talk show hosts, politicians, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and athletes. His clients include Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winners.

Bill is a performance coach, talent coach, acting coach, and a motivational/keynote speaker.

Bill has partnered with major film studios, production companies, TV stations and National Cable stations (CNN, FOX, The Weather Channel) to create productions that are unique, creative, and powerful. Bill’s full resume is extensive, including acting, writing, directing, and motivational speaking.

 In this podcast, Bill and Cindra talk about:

  • The key mindset strategy to help you do something no one else has done
  • Why 90% of the game is “prep”
  • The #1 reason we experience nerves
  • How to not care what people think of us and why that’s essential
  • And how the best of the best view failure

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Sep 1, 2019

If Brene Brown and Tony Robbins had a baby, that baby would be Tracy Litt.

She’s direct, and goes straight to the heart of what’s real and what’s true. She masterfully tells it like it is, while being skillfully empathetic, loving and supportive. A powerhouse and ball of energy, exuding unconditional love and light. Silly and playful. She calls your bullshit and wakes you up in a way you never realized you needed.


Tracy is a certified mindset coach, best selling author of Worthy Human, rapid transformational therapist, and awe-inspiring speaker. She is the founder of The Litt Factor, a personal growth and coaching company, and Worthy Human, an inspirational and empowering merchandise line.


Tracy exists to remind you of your potential, teach you the power of your mind, and support you in cultivating a phenomenal relationship with yourself. It is through this unwavering belief in yourself, tremendous self-love and inner power that you can feel, create, and be anything and everything you desire.

 In this podcast, Tracy and Cindra talk about:

  • 8 powerful questions you should ask yourself
  • What it means to run your mind, not let your mind run you
  • 6 life suckers and what to do about them
  • Why falling in love with yourself is where it starts
  • And over 5 powerful exercises to tap into your unlimited potential

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Aug 29, 2019

When you know your why, you’re what has more impact because you're working towards your purpose.” Michael Junior


High performers own their why. They don’t just know their why, they own their why. They remind themselves of their why daily and communicate their why to others they work with or lead. Owning your why inspires action, helps you stay fueled and inspired.


Power Phrase this Week: I own my why. I remind myself of my why daily to stay pumped and motivated to do what I do.”

Aug 25, 2019

Joe Trodden has been a mindset coach for nine years and with a specific focus on entrepreneurs for the last five, working with around 300 across all sectors. They come to Joe to work on the next level of their strategy growth and to develop their mindset to become effective entrepreneurial leaders.

Joe believes that mindset is the single biggest factor in success for entrepreneurs. The journey is incredibly difficult at this stage and is often a tipping point as to whether the business will reach its full potential. For that to happen, it is the leader that has to accelerate their own development.

As we discuss in this episode, the brain employs subconscious processes which have to be surfaced if an entrepreneur is to become the best version of themselves. Joe’s work is about linking the neuroscience of mindset development to practical actions and enable entrepreneurs to work through defined stages of leveling themselves up.

 In this podcast, Joe and Cindra talk about:

  • The mindset barriers of an entrepreneur
  • How to understand your superpowers and kryptonite
  • The top question to ask yourself when you experience fear
  • 4 powerful reflection questions to ask yourself each week
  • How to label your emotions to process it

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Aug 20, 2019

It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power! – Robert Kiyosaki

High performers know that what they think about themselves, they become. They talk powerfully to themselves because they know thoughts have power. They nurture their self-image.


Power Phrase this Week: I think “I am” to help me reach my best because my thoughts have power.”




Aug 15, 2019

“Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.” - Seth Godin


High performers choose optimism. They fill their mind full of optimism and hope. They see the difference between right now and what it could be. And they explain events in their life with a positive meaning.


Power Phrase this Week: I am an optimist. I see the possibilities and the good that will happen for me.”

Aug 8, 2019

Sarah McVanel helps individuals leverage the exponential power of recognition to retain top talent, fuel healthy teams and sustain healthy bottom lines. She speaks nationally on the topic, leads workshops, coaches leaders, and conducts organizational recognition program reviews. Sarah specializes in working with service-based organizations and “helping professionals”.

Sarah is a Certified Senior Organizational Development Professional (CSODP), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL). She is one of 1500 Certified Professional Speakers (CSP) in worldwide and President of the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). She has a BA in Psychology, MSc in Family Relations, and Diplomas in Human Resources and Healthcare Administration.

Sarah 20 experience including at a senior leadership level and now owns boutique firm Greatness Magnified. She is an author of peer-reviewed journals, articles, four books, “Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness: Solution Focused Strategies for Satisfied Staff, High Performing Teams and Healthy Bottom Lines” (2015), The FROG Effect: Tools and Strategies to Forever Recognize Others’ Greatness” (2016), #GreatnessBizHacks: 100+ Tips to Grow a Profitable, Service-Based Biz you Love!& FLIP Side of Failing: How to Recognize and Leverage Greatness in Work and Life (2019).

In this podcast, Sarah and Cindra talk about:

  • The contents from her new book FLIPSIDE of Failing
  • How the best are constantly looking for failure
  • Her FLIP Framework (see picture)
  • Why it is important to flip failure in the moment
  • Her ACCEPT vs ACCUSE Framework (see picture)
  • How businesses and leaders can help other celebrate failure
Aug 5, 2019

While most would consider him simply a sport psychologist, Dr. Jerry Lynch is a coach, mentor and teacher who guides and coaches athletes and parents to explore the meaning and purpose of sport.Dr. Lynch has a deep calling, one where his success is not measured by "making a living" but rather by "making a difference".

He is the author of 13 books in as many as 10 languages. Dr. Lynch is the founder and director of WAY OF CHAMPIONS, a performance consulting group geared toward helping others master the inner game for peak performance. He maintains a private practice and an extensive sport psychology consultation service for athletes, coaches and parents around the world.

Several of his clients have participated in various summer and winter Olympic Games. Most recently, he has established a consultancy with Steve Kerr, head coach of the World Champion Golden State Warriors. In the past 30 years alone, he has been part of 54 Final Four and 36 National Championship at the collegiate and professional levels.

In this podcast, Jerry and Cindra talk about:

  • What he has learned from the world’s best leaders and coaches
  • His RIVER acronym which represents human needs
  • How we can each win the day
  • Why leadership is a relationship game
  • 3 strategies to build others up
  • 3 reflection questions he suggests we each ask
Jul 28, 2019

For more than 25 years Laura Okmin has been covering the biggest names in sports on the biggest stages. But what Laura is most known for, and most proud of, is the connections she has cultivated over two decades of building relationships … not sources.

You’ll find Laura on the sidelines for the NFL on FOX and Westwood One’s NFL national radio games. She’s covered more than 10 Super Bowls, hosted Olympic coverage from the London, Sochi and Pyeongchang Games, and reported from multiple World Series and NBA and NHL championships. Laura began her broadcasting career as a Sports Reporter/Anchor in Montgomery, AL, Chattanooga, TN and Sports Channel in Chicago, where she traveled with the Chicago Bulls during their championship run leading to an Emmy Award.

Always passionate about her job, GALVANIZE gave Laura a purpose: Training and mentoring young women entering the sports world on – and more importantly – OFF camera. Its genesis was to give young women something Laura didn’t have growing up in this business … a network of other women.


In this podcast, Laura and Cindra talk about:

  • The steps to build relationships not sources
  • The empowering part about being a female in the sport reporting industry
  • Her mental preparation to go live in front of millions
  • How her deals with the ‘haters’
  • How she reframed her mother’s death
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