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Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, High Performance Coach and Ph.D. in sport and performance psychology, delves into all things related to the mindset of the successful. She interviews world-class consultants, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders about mindset while uncovering their secrets. Each week she also provides a short powerful message with a strategy to reach your best more often. Cindra’s goal is simple: to help you reach a life of high performance each day while inspiring you to be fully present, confident and passionate about your big dreams. To live a life of high performance, your mind must work for you, not against you. Master your mindset and unlock your potential!
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Jan 27, 2016

Bernie Holliday is a master of the mental game. At the heart of his interview, is a phrase he has adopted from this work with West Point Cadets: “embracing the suck.” Bernie described how professional baseball players must embrace the suck, but also describes how he has used the phrase in his life and career. He believes there are 3 ways people approach times that are difficult: 1) by evading, 2) by enduring, or 3) by embracing. The best of the best approach times that are difficult in the 3rd way: embracing the difficulty. His mantra “BE BOLD” will inspire you to get out there with your work and take risks. He believes that a growth mindset and love is what separates good performers from great performers. Bernie also provides several other strategies you can use in your work, play and life including: 1) his 3 ups, 2 downs, and 1 takeaway strategy, 2) how he helps others “focus on the process,” and 3) the importance of redefining success and failure.

Jan 18, 2016

Success takes something more than a talent and skills. Success takes the willingness to keep going even when the odds are against you or your enthusiasm has waned. Success takes persistence. It takes continuing your course of action despite difficulties, adversity or opposition. The great thing is that persistence is learnable. In this episode, Cindra talkes about successful people that have persisted as well as 3 strategies to develop your persistence.


Jan 6, 2016

In this episode, award-winning international speaker, business leader, best selling author and professional musician, Manley Feinberg talks about how to reach your next summit. Using a mountain climbing analogy, he discusses how we must expect to fall, how to refocus after the fall and how to get out of your comfort zone in the process. Points to listen for include tips he provides to consciously practice authenticity and how to make space between "the stimulus and response." Post a tweet about what stood out to you about the interview and tag @manleyf and @Mentally_Strong for a good discussion! You can find Manley at:

Dec 31, 2015

To finish 2015 with a BANG, Cindra provides 5 questions for us to consider as we reflect on the past year. She recommends we answer these questions before setting goals for 2016 to ensure our 2016 goals align with our priorities and values. The 5 questions include:

1. If you had to describe 2015 in 5 words, what would they be?

2. What one event, big or small, made the biggest impact?

3. What new things did you discover about yourself?

4. What was your biggest ha-ha moment this year?

5. What one thing would you do differently and why?

Dec 16, 2015

Dr. Ian Connole, Director of Sport Psychology for Kansas State Athletics, teaches us how to keep our focus and the importance of engaging in the now. He motivates us to be authentic and when we do so, this allows our success to come much easier and more likely. He says that a life worth living is being in the present moment, and a life worth sharing is about being authentic and showing up as yourself. So good!

Dec 16, 2015

In sports, parents impact their children in at least three ways. First, they influence the type of sports they play by creating opportunities to try different sports. Second, they provide financial support by purchasing equipment and driving them to and from practice and games. But probably the least recognized way that parents influence their children is how they “interpret” the event. What parents do or say — and what they don’t do or say — impacts how invested and involved their children will be in sport. In this episode, we talk about 6 tips related to how we can best support our children as parents.

Dec 11, 2015

Justin Su'a is a Mental Performance and Leadership Coach who is currently a Mental Skills Coordinator for the Boston Red Sox. In this interview, Justin talks about how elite athletes and high performers have a unique relationship with failure. He talks extensively about that in this interview as well as other insights he has had working as the Former Head of Mental Conditioning at the IMG Academy and with the US Army. Justin is the author of two books: Parent Pep Talks and Mentally Tough Teens. He has his own daily podcast called "Increase Your Impact Podcast" which is also available on Itunes.

Dec 8, 2015

High achievers and successful people have big visions. They know what they want and every day they work towards that vision. If you don’t have a clear vision, you will most likely feel trapped by your own limitations. But a clear vision can unlock your power. You become what you envision yourself becoming! In this episode, Cindra explores what a compelling vision includes and how to write one for your future.

Dec 4, 2015

In this episode, Elani Kelakos discusses what it means to stop playing small. Instead, we must play big and she describes exactly what that means to play big. She shares tips you can apply the next time you speak in front of an audience as well as her 5 principles of high performance that you don't want to miss. Throughout the interview, Elani provides strategies and tips to embrace your authenticity and be more confident in who you are.

Nov 30, 2015

Gratitude is like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger that muscle gets. In this episode, we talk about the power of saying thank you and being gratitude. We discuss the "gratitude effect" and 4 gratitude practices you can do regularly. When you express your gratitude, you are in one of the best possible emotional states possible. Be grateful for everything you have today – even the difficulties.

Nov 19, 2015

Our thoughts direct everything we do. They are the most important factor in our success and in our failure. I can make this bold statement because everything starts with a thought. EVERYTHING! Successful people talk to themselves in a powerful and productive way to keep them on task and believing in their future. They use statements such as "I will..." "I can..." and "I am...".

Nov 9, 2015

Ceci Clark, the first woman to be hired full-time in Major League Baseball working in mental training, talks about beating the odds in this inspiring interview. That is exactly what high performers do, she says. They are among the 1-3% that beat the odds and dream big! Ceci discusses how life begins at the end of your comfort zone and how "fear keeps your sharp." Ceci also talks about her experiences as a female working in predominantly male populations including in Major League Baseball and in her previous role with Special Forces.

Nov 4, 2015

To create more success, you need to acknowledge your successes. You brain does not naturally do this, so you MUST program it to remember your successes. When you do this, you are programing your subconscious to remember your desire to be successful and it will be more likely to happen!

Oct 20, 2015

Gabriele Grunewald is an Olympic hopeful who competes for the USA in the 1500, 3000 and 5000 meters. Gabe is current ranked 19th in the world in the 1500 and is the 3rd American on that list. She is an US Indoor Champion in the 3000 meters. Gabe is a 2-time cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with cancer twice while competing at the University of Minnesota. During this interview, is she talks about how cancer made her stronger mentally. She has learned to be resilient - bouncing back from races that don’t go like she expected and working to not sweat the small stuff. She provides incredible high performance mindset nuggets today including finding your best runner self, reframing pressure as important for performance, and faking it until you make it.

You can follow Gabrielle in her quest to become an Olympian at @gg_runs and

Oct 9, 2015

We can overthink anything - our athletic performance, our success, our failure, our family, our appearance, our career, our health...Thank goodness for family, friends and teammates who help us out of this rut. But, we need to catch ourselves when we get in this terrible mindset. Why? Because overthinking is NOT our friend. In this episode, Cindra share's a personal story when she got stuck in the overthinking rut and why overthinking is so dangerous for you. Then,  she share 3 ways YOU can use to snap out of the overthinking rut.

To find out more information about our Master Your Mindset for Athletes online course and community mentioned in this podcast, visit and click on the Master Your Mindset for Athletes logo or visit HERE.

Oct 5, 2015

In this interview, the Director of Mental Training for the Chicago Cubs, Josh Lifrak, discusses the winning mindset and his CUB acronym which guides his work with the organization. His interview is full of passion and energy as he discusses the importance of choosing every day to be the human being that YOU want to be and how to stay awake and aware to be your best. If you are anything like me, you will be cheering the Cubs Organization on in their quest to the World Series after this interview!

To follow Josh, check out his active twitter page at @lifrakattack.


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Oct 2, 2015

In this episode, Cindra discusses 3 proven ways supported by research to increase your happiness through gratitude. She starts the episode describing her experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon and why she is grateful for that experience even though it was difficult.

Sep 27, 2015

Ross Bernstein is an award-winning peak performance business speaker who’s keynoted conferences on four continents and the author of nearly 50 sports books. He’s spent the better part of the past 20 years studying the DNA of championship teams. Ross and his books have been featured on thousands of television and radio programs over the years including CNN, ESPN, Fox News, and “CBS This Morning,” as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. In this interview, Ross provides numerous golden nuggets of wisdom to help you step up your game in sports and business. For more information on Ross, visit

Sep 25, 2015

Do you ever wonder how to deal with that voice inside your head? Do you ever doubt yourself for what seems like no reason at all? Do you have big dreams that seem scary so you don't go after them?? Dr. Kamphoff discusses how the most successful people are a master of their thoughts. This is a daily process that can make all the difference in your career success, athletic success, happiness and satisfaction with your life.  You can find this list of the top 10 traits of high performers at

Sep 18, 2015

It all started back in 2001 when Angie and her husband, Dan, bought a kettle online and began popping corn at local events to teach their kids the importance of hard work and to earn extra income for their college funds. Now, Angie's BoomChickaPop is one of the fastest growing popcorn brands in the world. In this interview, Angie discusses the growth of her business, the importance of getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and how everything you have done creates what you need in the moment. Plan to be inspired!

Sep 16, 2015

As Theodore Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Research suggests that comparison breeds feelings of depression, low self-confidence, anxiety, separation and loneliness. We are less likely to reach our goals because comparison zaps our motivation and energy. In this podcast, Cindra talks about why we compare ourselves to others, and what to do instead. Plan to be inspired!

Sep 12, 2015

Focusing on the process, not the outcome is the key to success, says professional baseball pitcher, Jason Hoppe. Jason holds the collegiate record of pitching the most consecutive scoreless innings, 55 1/3 innings, which takes mental strength, consistency, and staying in control of your mind and body. This All-American pitcher knows the mental side of sport and performance and discusses the importance of not getting too high or too low, knowing your why and who you are, and working hard every day to follow your big dreams. Follow Jason on twitter @becuz_im_hoppe (or happy - you will know what we mean after listening to the interview!).

Sep 10, 2015

Have you ever felt “stuck” in your life? Have you ever wanted a reason to get up out of bed in the morning? Have you ever felt unfulfilled in what you were doing? We’ve all had times like this in our lives. Considering your “why” or purpose will help propel you and move you forward. In this episode, we review the 2nd trait of High Performers: They understand their purpose and keep their “why” front and center. We review 4 questions you can answer to help you understand your “why”?

Sep 4, 2015

Dr. Angus Mugford discusses how to train the high performance mindset. As Director of the IMG Institute, Angus works with elite athletes, corporate leaders, and US military populations. He has provided mental training to 2 #1 NFL draft picks, a #1 WTA pro, and too many other grandslam, NFL players, and elite athletes to even count! In this episode, he provides numerous applications to high performance in sport, business and in life.

Sep 2, 2015

GRIT is having passion, perseverance and purpose for your long-terms goals. In this episode, Cindra shares a time she was gritty and discusses what grit is during an interview with radio hosts, TJ and Lisa. Then she provides 4 tips that will help you cultivate your grit.

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